Andorra la Vella is the perfect city to visit with children.
The city has plenty of activities for young and old and lots of spaces to enjoy as a family.



Maybe you've never heard of the Tamarros before, maybe you have. They are mischievous creatures, half legend and half popular imagination, who live in their own peculiar world and are very difficult to see. The Tamarros protect the nature and the forests of Andorra and they only come out of their world when we need them.

Andy, one of them, is entrusted with the protection of the natural environment of Andorra la Vella. He has a magic portal, hidden in the very forests he protects.

His sworn enemy is Dirt, an evil troll who does everything in her power to damage and destroy Andorra la vella’s precious mountains, lakes and forests.

Fortunately, Andy is here to help! And so are the Tamarros of the six other parishes!

But every now and again, they need our help. To make sure that the portals they use to access our forests work, we need some children to place a little round stone by them. If there are no stones, the portals won't open and the Tamarros won't be able to get into our world to help us.

If you’d like to give us a hand, finding the portals is really easy because each one is shaped like a Tamarro. If you do find them, you’ll get a reward too!

You'll find all the information you need to find the Tamarros at the tourist information offices in Andorra.


If your kids like sport, take them to shoot some hoops on Plaça del Poble, or to 360º Extrem, Andorra’s indoor freestyle sports centre.


The littlest ones will love the Parc Central. As well as a children’s park, it has a vast green area where they can play, do sports or simply wander around and discover the nature around them! If anyone gets peckish, there is a restaurant inside the park.


Just three kilometres from Andorra la Vella, you will find one of the country’s most magical spots: the Mirador de la Comella. From this viewpoint, all the family can enjoy the beauty and biodiversity of the surrounding area and see some of Andorra’s most incredible peaks. What’s more, it has a picnic area and plenty of space to play, making it ideal for children!


To find out all about the country’s unique history, a guided tour of the Casa de la Vall is obligatory.

Also, the Santa Coloma projection mapping allows for the best way to see the original appearance of the frescoes of the Santa Coloma Church. The images together with a display of light and sound will delight visitors of all ages.

You can even take in some of the children’s shows put on by the Department of Culture of the Comú of Andorra la Vella.


Fairs: If you are visiting in the autumn, you and your little ones can visit the livestock show on 27th October and the Andorra la Vella fair, which is held on the nearest weekend to this date.

ANDORRA SHOPPING FESTIVAL: Around All Saints’ Day (1st November), all the family can make the most of the Andorra Shopping Festival, a unique shopping event that takes place in one of the biggest shopping area in the country, The Shopping Mile, full of events organised specially for kids, with live music and many more surprises!

Poblet de Nadal: The Christmas village will keep little ones entertained through the moving shows and many other activities. Come and find out all about it!

Walk of fame (Bulevard de les Estrelles)

The pavement on Carrer Maria Pla, in the Fener Boulevard shopping area, is adorned with plaques that pay tribute to notable personalities linked to the parish and to Andorra. Over time, it will become a space to recognise all those who have promoted the country.

Picture book: A journey through Andorra la Vella

A tamarro, a mythical beast from Andorra, will take you on a journey around the region using pictures, pointing out its main characteristics: traditions, history, geography... A fun way to get to know the area! This is part of a collection of books published by Cruïlla for children aged between 4 and 7 years, about just a handful of cities A lovely souvenir that can be found in the tourist office!

Poblet de Nadal

The Christmas Village will fill the parish of Andorra la Vella with magic and colour throughout December. A spectacular schedule will have the streets overflowing with entertainment, shows, light, colour and a festive atmosphere that will make this Christmas one to remember.

Andorra la Vella puzzles

Download puzzles about the region here: the best way to pass the time when travelling!

Cartoon nature

Do you know which animals can be seen in Andorra la Vella? Just download the following PDF and find out!

Children’s parks in Andorra la Vella

Parc Central
Parc del Rull
Children’s area on Plaça del Poble

Children’s parks in Santa Coloma

Parc dels Sartells
Parc del Prat Condal
Parc del Cedre
Parc del Roure
Parc infantil de La Margineda

La Comella picnic area