For more information about Andorra la Vella and Andorra as a whole, pay a visit to the Tourist Office:

Plaça de la Rotonda, s/n
(+376) 750 100

Basic Information


Eastern Pyrenees, between France (Arriege) and Spain (Catalonia).



POPULATION of andorra la vella

24.382 inhabitants (31.12.2022)


GMT +1




The Andorran climate is Mediterranean mountain type, with hot summers and cold winters with substantial snowfall. The average minimum is -2ºC and the maximum is 24ºC.


Catalan is the official language of Andorra. However, due to the diversity of nationalities among the resident population, other languages such as Spanish, French and Portuguese are also very widespread.


468 km2 · 8% urbanised and cultivated.
92% forests, lakes, rivers, mountains.


Catholicism is the main religion of the state, although the Constitution of Andorra establishes freedom of religion.


The Andorran relief is mountainous, with 65 peaks, some over 2000 m high, which makes Andorra one of the highest countries in Europe. The highest point in the territory is the Comapedrosa peak (2,942 m) and the lowest point is where the river Runer crosses the frontier with Spain (838 m). The average altitude is 1,996 m.

How do you get to the Principality?

Andorra’s proximity to the large urban centres of France and Spain and its geographic location favour access to the country through a large network of communications: bus, train, car and plane will allow you to quickly get to the Principality.

No international driving licence is required for driving in Andorra if the reason for your visit is only tourism.


-Paris: 862 km
-Bordeaux: 427 km
-Toulouse: 185 km
-Perpignam: 163 km
-Foix: 100 km


-Madrid: 613 km
-Bilbao: 601 km
-Valencia: 496 km
-Zaragoza: 300 km
-Girona: 271 km
-Barcelona: 208 km
-Tarragona: 198 km
-Lleida: 185 km

NearbyAndorra there are major international airports: Blagnac Airport in Toulouse (France), El Prat airport in Barcelona, Girona airport (Spain) and Alguaire airport in Lerida (Spain).  Except in Girona, there is a daily bus service direct to Andorra from these airports, and the journey takes about 3 hours and a half.

The nearest airport is the Andorra-La Seu d’Urgell airport, located 26km away from Andorra, next to the border town of La Seu d’Urgell. For the moment the only route operating is between Andorra-La Seu d’Urgell and Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas airports.

There is a regular bus service that connects the airport with Andorra and it is coordinated with the departure and arrival times of Air Nostrum flights.
The bus leaves the National Bus Station on Fridays at 5.30 pm and on Sundays at 8 pm to Andorra.
This shuttle bus offers a free service.


The connections by bus from the main Catalan stations are mainly concentrated in Barcelona, Vic, Gerona, Tarragona and Lerida. In the case of France, the bus station in Toulouse has a regular service to Andorra.


Barcelona Est. Nord-Ponts-Andorra la Vella (ALSINA GRAELLS)
Barcelona Est. Nord-Túnel del Cadí-Andorra la Vella (ALSINA GRAELLS)
Barcelona Aeroport (T1/T2)-Andorra la Vella (NOVATEL)
Barcelona Aeroport (T1/T2)-Barcelona Est. Sants-Andorra la Vella (AUTOCARS NADAL)
Barcelona Est. Nord - Solsona-Andorra la Vella (ALSINA GRAELLS)

Lleida Est. de BUS -Lleida RENFE -Escaldes-Engordany (MONTMANTELL)
Lleida Est. de BUS -Lleida RENFE - Andorra la Vella (ALSINA GRAELLS)

Hospitalet de l’Infant-Andorra la Vella (VIATGES MONTMANTELL) Reus –Andorra la Vella (LA HISPANO IGUALADINA)

Salamanca-Andorra la Vella (VIATGES MONTMANTELL)

Tui-Escaldes-Engorday-Pas de la Casa (CAMINO BUS)


L’Ospitalet-Andorra la Vella (LA HISPANO ANDORRANA) Tolosa SNCF- Aeroport Tolosa- Andorra la Vella (NOVATEL)


Arcos de Valdevez- Valença -Escaldes-Engordany (CAMINO BUS)
Arcos de Valdevez- V.P. de Ancora- El Pas de la Casa (COOPERATIVA INTERURBANA ANDORRANA)

Porto - Andorra (CAMINO BUS)


ALSINA GRAELLS (+34) 902422242
AUTOCARS NADAL (+376) 805151
CAMINO BUS (+376) 865500
GRUP MONTMANTELL (+376) 866444
(+34) 977 770698
NOVATEL (+376) 803789

The cities with a railway service closest to the country have a bus service with direct connection to Andorra.


Sants Station (Barcelona)
Lleida Pirineus Station (Lleida)


Matabiau station (Toulouse)
Andorra - Ospitalet (Ospitalet) · ·

You have a private taxi service to get you to Andorra more freely. At the present time, there are different transport companyies which provide a daily service 24 hours a day.

tel. (+376) 863 000

tel. (+376) 812 345

Access to Andorra: documentation and visas

Andorra does not require visas for any nationality. However, as it is necessary to go either through Spain or France to get to Andorra, all nationals from countries not in the Schengen area must check at home whether they need a multiple entry visa to enter or leave the countries that form part of the Schengen area and be able to get to Andorra. The type of Visa will depend on the country of origin of the visitor, although the most common is usually the double or multiple entry visa. The documentation needed for entering the country will basically depend on whether the person is of legal age.

For people of legal age: (Schengen Area)

· Passport or current identity card.

For minors accompanied by parents: (Schengen Area)

· Valid passport or current identity card.
· The family record book or similar is not a valid document to travel in any instance.
· Appearing on their parents’ passport.

For unaccompanied minors: (Schengen Area)

· A permission to travel authorisation from their country (issued by the town hall or police station) and a valid passport or identity card.

For people travelling with pets:
· A pet passport and up-to-date vaccination sheet.


We inform you that Andorra removed the restrictions for COVID-19 and no type of health certificate must be presented, neither to access the country, nor in tourist accommodation restaurants, bars and cafes, ski resorts, spas or cultural and sports facilities.

It is not mandatory to wear a mask in closed spaces for public use and neither on public roads nor in open spaces.

How to get around the Principality of Andorra?

Two regular lines connect the parishes and the main stops are on the busiest roads in the urban centres. The tickets can be bought on the bus itself. The services usually run from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.

EXPRESS BUS: This is the fastest, most frequent line which connects the urban centres of Escaldes-Engordany and Sant Julià de Lòria to the capital. The route crosses the country on side roads to avoid the town and village centres. The express bus is identified by its orange colour, and the stops are located in the outskirts of the towns and villages.

INTERURBAN LINES: The interurban public transport service connects all of the towns on six different lines crossing the urban centres. Each parish has a municipal transport service which connects the small villages not covered on the main routes. You will find the stops in the main streets and avenues of the urban centres.

EXPRESS TAXI tel. (+376) 812 345

In the event of requiring road assistance, there are different private companies which give the service. Every parish has a traffic and citizen attention service with all of the information:
ANDORRA LA VELLA: (+376) 730 011

Andorra la Vella has more than 4,500 parking places spread around 21 public and private car parks for public use.

Centre Ciutat - P1A
Access C/ Prat de la Creu núm. 60 i plaça Rebés
Covered parking
798 spaces

Centre Històric - P6A
Access C/ Prat de la Creu núm. 76 i C/ de la Grau
Covered parking
160 spaces

Meritxell - P5A
Accés C/ Dr. Molines
Uncovered parking
110 spaces

Parc Central - P9A
Access Av. Tarragona i C/ Pere d’Urg
Uncovered parking
540 spaces

Parc Central II - P7A
Access C/ Pompeu Fabra
Uncovered parking
111 spaces

El Fener 1 - P11A
Access C/ de la Unió i C/ Sant Salvador
Uncovered parking
245 spaces

El Fener 2 - P12A
Access C/ del Fener
Uncovered parking
105 spaces

Antic Camí Ral - P23A
Access C/ Antic Camí Ral
Uncovered parking
71 spaces

Bonavista - P28A
Access C/ Solà d’en Jan
Uncovered parking
140 spaces

Bus parking  Casadet - BUS
Access C/ Dr. Vilanova
Uncovered parking
28 spaces

P16A Estació Central
Access C/ de la Cúria
Uncovered parking
105 spaces



Centre Històric - P6A

First half hour free
First fraction of 15’ 0,60 €
From the second fraction 0,40 €
All night ticket (8pm - 8am) 10,80 €
12 to 24 hours ticket 20,80 €
Ticket lost 20,80 €


El Fener 2 - P11A

First half hour free
First fraction of 15’ 0,40 €
Second fraction of 15’ 0,25 €
All night ticket (8pm - 8am) 2,25 €
24 hours ticket 14,45 €
Ticket lost 14,45 €


Bonavista - P28A

First half hour free
First fraction of 15’ 0,40 €
Second fraction of 15’ 0,25 €
From the third fraction 0,20 €
All night ticket (8pm - 8am) 2,10 €
24h ticket 13,25 €
Ticket lost 13,25 €


2 days 30,00 €
3 days 35,00 €
4 days 39,00 €
5 days 42,00 €
6 days 45,00 €
7 days 46,50 €
15 days 53,50 €
30 days 93 €


Aparcament d’autobusos de Prada Casadet

Hour or Half hour 2,15 €
24h ticket 25,80 €
2 days 46,00 €
3 days 53,00 €
4 days 59,00 €
5 days 65,00 €
6 days 75,00 €
7 days 85,00 €
Ticket lost 25,80 €


The country’s location in the Pyrenees and the qualified police and customs services enhance high citizen security and guarantee the tranquillity of the visitors while they are there.

The Andorra Police Department deals with receiving reports made in the event of objects lost. On the other hand, if you fi nd any lost object, you should go to the Department and leave it with the agents on service
PILICE: (+376) 872 000 ·

Medical cover in the event of accident: There is an agreement on medical cover in the case of Spain, France and Portugal. In the event of accident, all visitors from these countries should send the bills of the medical expenses and the corresponding form for requesting reimbursement to the Caixa Andorrana social security service. All visitors suffering an accident in Andorra without a medical agreement between their country and Andorra, will have to pay for all hospital expenses and medical treatment.

More information: Caixa Andorrana de Seguretat Social Tel. (+376) 870 870

Important telephone numbers and roaming

International prefixes:
· National calls from Andorra: direct number
· Calls from Andorra abroad: (+33) France / (+34) Spain / (+351) Portugal / (+32) Belgium
· Calls to Andorra from other countries: (+376)

Useful telephone numbers:
MOBILITY: 1802 1802

POLICE: (+376) 872 000 / Emergencies: 110
FIRE BRIGADE: (+376) 800 020 / Emergencies: 118
AMBULANCE: (+376) 800 020 / Emergencies: 118

In the busiest squares in the main urban centres, visitors have free Wi-Fi connection. You can also access Internet in the libraries and in some cafes and leisure establishments in the large towns.


If during your stay in Andorra la Vella you need to use your mobile apparatus or connect with the Internet, we advise you to enquire about your operator’s prices for data services in roaming.
You can also consult the prices of the local operator, Andorra Telecom, at the offices in Andorra la Vella, or on the web

*Andorra does not belong to the EU.

Custom information

You must declare to the customs all products in excess of your individual duty free allowance. Also there may be special restrictions on animals or vegetable products, live animals, endangered species, medicines, weapons and munitions, art and collectors pieces, currency, gold and means of payment.


COFFEE: 1000 g of coffee or 400 g of extracts.
TEA: 200 g of tea or 80 g of extract.
ALCOHOL*: 1,5 l de liquors over 22 degrees or 3 l de liquors or aperitifs under 22 degrees or bubbly wine. 5 l of table wine.
TOBACCO**: 300 cigarettes or 150 cigars (less than 3 g each) or 75 cigars (more 3 g each) or 400 g of pipe tobacco.
OTHER AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTS: Up to a value of 300,00€. Not in excess of : 2,5 kg of powdered milk, 3 kg of condensed milk, 6 kg of fresh milk, 1 kg of butter, 4 kg of cheese, 5 kg of sugar and sweets, 5 kg of meat.


PERFUMES: 75 g of perfumes + 375 ml of eau de cologne.
OTHER PRODUCTS: Up to a value of 900,00€.

Maximum quantities and imports per person. (*) For these products persons under 17-year-olds have no duty free allowance. (**) For people younger than age 15 member states of the CE can reduce the exemption to half of the amounts specified.

Further information:

Bank Holidays

Andorra preserves the customs and traditions that our predecessors preserved century by century and which we have as a legacy today.

National festivals
Constitution Day: 14th March
Our Lady of Meritxell, patron saint of Andorra: 8th September
Andorra la Vella festivals
Andorra la Vella annual festival, the fi rst Saturday in August and the following Sunday and Monday.


For more information about Andorra la Vella and Andorra as a whole, pay a visit to the Tourist Office:

  • Plaça de la Rotonda, s/n
  • (+376) 750 100
  • Opening times


Monday to Friday: from 9 am to 8 pm

Saturday: from 9 am to 9 pm

Sunday: from 9 am to 2 pm

Closed on 1st January – 14th March* – 8th September – 25th December